Dragon's Den Games | January 29th Newsletter

NEW - A Song of Ice & Fire Free Folk Starter and Victorian Masterminds from CMON; Root & Root Riverfolk Expansion from Leder Games; Fields of Green: Grand Fair from Stronghold Games; and Dual Powers Revolution 2017 from TWK! Arriving Thursday - Arkham Horror Card Game: The Circle Undone from FFG; Gugong From Tasty Minstrel Games; A Feast for Odin Norwegian Expansion from Z-Man Games; and New Pathfinder & Starfinder from Paizo! Arriving Friday - Keyforge Archon Decks (Re-Stock) from FFG; and Pandemic On the Brink (Re-Stock) from Z-Man Games! Available Saturday - New Warhammer 40K Kill Team from Games Workshop! All this and more! See Newsletter in PDF