Dragon's Den Games | January 16th Newsletter

Arriving Wednesday - Lord of the Rings: Hunt for the Ring from Ares; and Munchkin Rick & Morty (Re-Stock) from SJG! Arriving Thursday - Heaven & Ale, and Reworld from Asmodee; Cursed Court from Atlas Games; Ticket to Ride France / Old West Map from Days of Wonder; A Game of Thrones LCG Kingsmoot from Fantasy Flight Games; Anachrony from Mindclash Games; Explorers of the North Sea & The North Sea RuneSaga from Renegade Game Studios; and Lancelot from Wizkids! On Sale Friday - Gloomhaven (Re-Print) from Cephalofair Games; and Magic the Gathering Rivals of Ixalan from Wizards of the Coast! On Sale Saturday - More 40K / AOS Nurgle Figures from Games Workshop! All this and more plus a huge dice re-stock! See Newsletter in PDF