Dragon's Den Games | December 4th Newsletter

Arriving Thursday - Gloom of Thrones from Atlas Games; Tsuro: Phoenix Rising from Calliope Games; Crystal Palace from Capstone Games; Aeon's End Shattered Dreams from IBC; Dark Souls Board Game: Vordt & Darkroot Basin from Steamforged; D&D Icons 13: Volo's Guide & Mordenkainen's Foes Pre-Painted Miniature Packs from Wizkids; Rifter #84 from Palladium; and Dungeons & Tombs Young Adventurers Guide from WOTC! Available Friday - Legends of the Five Rings Card Game: Seekers of Wisdom from FFG; and It's a Wonderful Life from Lookout Games! Available Saturday - Warhammer 40K Pyschic Awakenings Blood of Baal, Chapter Approved 2019, Kill Team Annual 2019 & Mephiston Lord of Death from Games Workshop! All this plus so much more! See Newsletter in PDF