Dragon's Den Games | April 24th Newsletter

NEW - The Walking Dead No Santuary Board Game from Cryptozoic; and New D&D Character Folios from Ultra Pro! Arriving Wednesday - Sword & Sorcery Onamor and Victoria Hero Packs from Ares Games; Railways of the World 10th Anniversary & Railways of Nippon from Eagle Games; Manhattan Project 2 from Minion Games; and Top Secret Spies from Rio Grand Games! Arriving Thursday - The Climbers from Capstone Games; Memoir '44 Through the Jungle & Desert from Days of Wonder; Star Wars Legion General Veers from FFG; Rising 5 from Grey Fox Games; New Pathfinder & Starfinder from Paizo! On Sale Friday - Magic the Gathering Dominaria Boosters, Planeswalker Decks & Bundles from Wizards of the Coast! All this plus so much more! Items missed in the newsletter that will also be here on Friday: Bloodborne: The Hunter's Nightmare Exapsnion from CMON SMOG: The Rise of Moloch from CMON Clank! The Mummy's Curse Expansion from Renegade Game Studios See Newsletter in PDF