Dragon's Den Games | April 11th Newsletter

New Today - Catan Geographies: Georgia & New England from Asmodee; Ticket to Ride Asia Map, Africa Map & USA 1910 Expansion (Re-Stock) from Days of Wonder; Carcassonne Abbey & Mayor (Re-Print) from Z-Man Games; and New Flames of War Mid-War from Battlefront Miniatures! Arriving Wednesday - Trivial Pursuit National Parks Travel Edition from USAopoly! Arriving Thursday - Arkham Horror LCG Blood on the Altar & RuneWars Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games; Rocky Road A La Mode & Outlawed from Green Couch Games; Sherwood's Legacy & Neverland's Legacy from Jasco; Vikings Gone Wild from Lucky Duck Games; Funemployed from Mattel; Mindjob Adult Party Game; Red Dragonn Inn Battle for Greyport from Slugfest; Trivial Pursuit Supernatural & Monopoly Walking Dead AMC TV Edition from USAopoly; New Warmachine from Privateer Press; The One Ring RPG Erebor The Lonely Mountain from Cubicle-7; Savage Worlds Rifts Collector's Box from S2P; and Castle Keep Dice Tower / DM Screen from R4I! On Sale Saturday - Shadow Wars Armageddon Terrain Boxes from Games Workshop! All this plus so much more! See Newsletter in PDF