Dragon's Den Games | Legend of the 5 Rings

Legend of the Five Rings returns with its fourth edition of the award winning roleplaying game on the 15th Anniversary of L5R. The Emerald Empire of Rokugan demands much of its samurai: service to one’s lord, service to one’s Clan, and service to one’s Emperor. Bushido’s staunch and unyielding code of conduct binds samurai to duty, strengthening their character and defining their choices. While some samurai serve the greater good, others use the strictures of Bushido to manipulate the lower ranks and advance their own power. Will you follow honor or reject it? The choice is yours! Eight Great Clans form the heart of Rokugan’s culture. Each is defined by its own principles, values, and agendas. Each sees the Code of Bushido in its own way. Each seeks to serve the Emperor with its own unique talents. Take up the soul of your ancestors — the samurai’s daisho — and fight for the glory and honor of your family and Clan. Now is the time for heroes, in a world where Honor is a force more powerful than Steel. Legend of the Five Rings Fourth Edition overhauls the classic Roll-and-Keep system, bringing the mechanical intricacy of 3rd with the rich flavor of 1st Edition. The rules for things such as dueling, spells, and court have been streamlined. The Great Clans have been brought back to their core identities, the Crab are the Crab, the Crane are the Crane, and everything that exemplifies them. Unlike previous editions, Fourth Edition is not tied to a particular timeline in the Emerald Empire. It is more of a toolset that can be used at any time period in the rich history of the game. This will allow GMs and players to tell their own story, whether it follows L5R canon or goes off on its own epic tale!