Dragon's Den Games | Fate (Evil Hat Productions)

rom the company's website: Evil Hat Productions believes that passion makes the best games. It is this passion for gaming that raised Fate to its current acclaimed position in the independent RPG community. Fate can be used to build the best kinds of role-playing experiences — full of laughter, story-telling, and memorable moments. For the past several years our focus has been on providing a number of free games (or “gaming engines”, depending on your perspective); Fate is just one of these free games. In 2005, we shifted gears to produce a series of Fate-based commercial roleplaying games. The first of these is Spirit of the Century, a Pulp game set in the 1920’s. Next will be the Dresden Files RPG, based on the series of novels by best-selling author Jim Butcher. Evil Hat hopes to provide a new version of Fate, based on the new material in Spirit of the Century and the Dresden Files RPG after these games are released.