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Warhammer 40K “Heroes’ Gambit RTT” Tournament

July 21, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Warhammer 40K “Heroes’ Gambit RTT” Tournament

1500, 3 Detachments Max. Matched play. (Forge World is allowed, but must be the actual model, or a reasonable conversion).

3 games. 2-1/2 hrs per game with a 10 min setup time.

1 hrs break after 1st game for lunch. 1 hr for tear down, clean up and awards at the end.

ITC rules, Chapter approved and Beta rules in effect.

1St floor of buildings blocks LOS. All advanced terrain rules apply.

Champions missions will be used. 57 points Max. (Determines Best General/ITC reporting winner).

Paint will be scored using the BGT painting rubric. 30 points Max.
Players choice (best painted) gives 1+2+3+….bonus points (those are only used for best painted.)

Sports is 10 for thumbs up, 0 for thumbs down. Thumbs down is me bringing the hammer down. A thumbs down should only be given for cheating, verbal abuse, etc. Penalties are at my discretion.

Players choice (best Sports): at the end you will RANK your opponents 123. A first place rank gets 3 points, 2ND 2, 3rd 1. This plus your sportsmanship above determines Best Sportsman. Again, bonus points don’t count toward best overall. Basically, players determine best Sports completely on their own, and you’re off the island with thumbs down.

57 possible battle points+ 30 possible best painted+ 30 sports (free) for Renaissance Man. Highest overall score wins.

Direct questions to suttobs@yahoo.com.

DATE & TIME: Saturday, July 21st – 9:00 AM

COST: $20.00 per player, Maximum 14 Entries (Sorry it’s filled!)

Organizer: Beau Sutton – suttobs@yahoo.com


July 21, 2018
9:00 am - 7:00 pm