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Warhammer 40K “Battleforce Recon” Tournament – THIS EVENT IS FULL

April 14 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Warhammer 40K “Battleforce Recon” Tournament – THIS EVENT IS FULL

This will be a small scale tournament, with lists coming in at a 1000 points! This is being aimed for more of a fun day more than anything, and all participants will be voting on your paint job, how fun you are to play against, and the fluff of your army, so make sure you have all your documents and reports on hand while your army is on display!

There will be 3 rounds of play starting at 10:30am sharp, this means showing up at 10:00am and finding out which table you will be playing on and being ready. If you are late you will lose a CP and a further one for every 5 min that you are late!

We will be using the Rules of Engagement cards for all battle rounds, these will be provided to everyone for their own use for after the Tournament.

Points at the end of the day will be based on Battle Rounds (40%), Painting (40%), and Sportsmanship (20%). There is a Painting Matrix which will be posted so you know what to work on!

The prizes for this Tournament will be for as follows:
Best overall (Battle Points, Painting, and Sportsmanship)
Best Painted
Players Favorite (Voted by the players on 3 Categories)
Best Sportsman

There are some restrictions though:
-1 Detachment (You may not use a Spearhead, Supreme Command, Auxilary Superheavy, or Superheavy Detachment)
-No individual model may have over 11 Wounds.
-One unit may be over a PL of 10. If this unit’s min unit size is over 10PL, the unit size may not be increased.
-No more than 60 models of the Troop Choice battlefield role may be included in your army.

Tournament Package

Painting Rubric
*While you are not required to have a display board, you will lose out on painting points… WILD!*

DATE & TIME: Sunday, April 14th – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

COST: $15.00 per player – THIS EVENT IS FULL

Organizer: Jeremy Kuffner – Facebook Group Page: Hunters of the Warp


April 14
10:00 am - 5:00 pm